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Specialists in the management of Villas and luxury properties.

You will not have to run errands, pay bills, fix whatever needs to be fixed, or take care of any legal and government matters because we will do that for you while you wait calmed, where you are, for your benefits to come.

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We are Properdise

At Properdise we are experts in managing all the booking part through the different sales channels such as Airbnb, VRBO and traditional travel agencies.

With special attention to direct booking sources such as the website and social media.


Of Rates



Villas and luxury properties


Of the brand


Marketing Specialists

We specialize and strive to improve the advertising performance for your property, we offer integrated marketing and social media solutions, we focus on increasing exposure and converting into more bookings. For the maintenance of your property you can continue to use your usual providers, we at Properdise take care of giving you more and better performance with unique strategies for each opportunity.

Increase occupancy % by working with smart rates

The time of maintaining only 2 or 3 rates per year is coming to an end with Properdise. We will keep your rates in constant motion so that when you can sell at high and super high prices this will be the result, and when the dates are less quoted by the market your property will not lose the opportunity to be booked.


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